What is SPARM?

SPARM is the signature rating system developed by DankHam Comics. It is a generic rating system capable of assessing the capabilities of a variety of objects and abilities.


The Parts of SPARM

Speed - how quickly certain actions, moves or abilities can be done

Power - how much physical damage actions, moves or abilities can do

Ability - capability to use senses or factors that regard to identification or control over the main action, moves, or abilities

Range - the general distance the action, move, or ability will have an effect in

Magic - how reliant actions, moves, or abilities are on non physical attributes

  • e.g. water, fire, electric based attacks but not "hard" or "soft" things like stones and wool

*Note: there may be certain aspects that are confusing to determine and are up to the rater's discretion

**Note: SPARM does not necessarily determine a winner or better version, it simply states their base characteristics